Shape Computation Lab

Shape Machine CAD Demo

In the first video vignette a designer or an estimator counts instances of objects on the fly without requiring specially prepared drawings by some proprietary software. Here, the user selects a door using a lasso tool and the Shape Machine looks for all instances of this door in the drawing. The system gives an answer to the command history window that there are 19 doors in the drawing and the user can inspect them one by one or all of them highlighted within the drawing.

In the second video vignette a designer edits a detail in a drawing and wishes to repeat the same process for all identical instances. Here, the user selects a corner intersection of two walls with a marquee tool and edits the detail to clean up the wall intersection. The Shape Machine finds eight instances of wall corners in the drawing, the user inspects them one by one or all of them highlighted within the drawing,and accepts the modification for all eight instances.

In the third video vignette a designer restructures a flat drawing in different layers to change its organizational structure. Shape Machine scans the drawing according to the rules specified visually by the user and assigns the columns, walls, partitions, windows and doors in separate layers. The originally flat drawing is restructured in an informationally rich layered drawing satisfying diverse naming conventions, functional behaviors, and visual appearance of its parts.