Shape Computation Lab

Find Polygons in Squares

Tzu-Chieh Kurt Hong


This example shows how Shape Machine is able to access any part of a shape even though the part is not registered in the database of a CAD system (in this example: Rhinoceros 5.0). By applying various shape rules the Shape Machine can also modify the parts found according to the rule that users designed. This video showcases how an initial model consisting of two squares drawn in two alternative ways can be queried and restructured in a number of different polygons under different transformations. The first example shows how a pictorial query of triangles drawn on top of the initial model restructures the model in four triangles. The second example how a pictorial query of pentagons drawn on top of the initial model identifies four isometric pentagons in the model. If the query is extended for any type of pentagons, then the shape machine is able to find twelve pentagons as topological transformations of the initial drawn pentagon. Reversing the argument, the shape machine can find two topological transforms of a paper-napkin hexagon.