Shape Computation Lab

Find Indefinite Polylines in Squares

Tzu-Chieh Kurt Hong


This example shows how Shape Machine is able to access any type of a polyline within a shape without caring whether the boundaries of the polylines are registered or not in the database of a CAD system (in this example: Rhinoceros 5.0). This video showcases a series of queries starting from arrangements of polylines in the form of letters of the alphabet, including As, Ms, and Ks whose boundaries and intersections are found in the underlying structure of the square. These queries yield four instances for each arrangement of polylines. The video continues with queries for polylines whose boundaries are not in the structure of the queried shape using al lower case k and a smaller version of the lower case k to yield respectively 8 instances for each search. Note that one boundary of the initial lower case k and three boundaries of the smaller version of the lower case k are not in the database of the CAD system. Note as well that the shape machine can calculate the symmetries of the matches and give the correct number of non-equivalent instances.