Shape Computation Lab

9 Square Portm-Ino: Framework

Heather Ligler


In this video, a nine square Portm-Ino is generated as an interpretation of John Portman's compositional rules for the design of a house. Shape rules on the left side of the screen are applied sequentially to build up the design from the initial grid to a fully articulated plan. The production is shown step-by-step on the right side of the screen to visualize the process. At each step, a caption is shown under the design to describe what the shape rule does when applied in the design context. For the sake of clarity in the video, only the rules necessary for this sample design are shown. The resulting Portm-Ino design is one of the set of possible designs that can be generated with the same limited set of rules applied to a 3x3 or nine square grid. The project is named Portm-Ino to suggest how the house in Portman's conception is a systematic, residential configuration of a mat building along the lines of Le Corbusier's Dom-Ino framework.