Shape Computation Lab

Advances in Implemented Shape Grammars


Special Issue:

Advances in Implemented Shape Grammars: Solutions and Applications


Sara Eloy, Pieter Pauwels and Athanassios Economou


Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing








Cambridge University Press

Publication date:

May 2018


This special issue frames the topic of computer implementations of shape grammars, both with a theoretical and an applied focus. The starting point of the volume is the current state-of-the-art of the field of computer implementations of shape grammars and a discussion about how those systems can evolve in the coming years so that they can be used in real life design scenarios. The volume includes contributions that document existing software implementations of shape grammars (shape grammar interpreters) including their newest features and technological advances; in depth technical discussions of various software implementations with detailed accounts of the strengths and weaknesses of the available systems; and critical accounts of technological advances of shape grammar interpreters in relation with other technological advances in design and decision support tools, including parametric design tools, generative design tools, genetic algorithms, optimization algorithms, procedural modelling and semantics based applications.

Table of contents:

Sara Eloy, Pieter Pauwels, Athanassios Economou. Advances in Implemented Shape Grammars: Solutions and Applications. pp. 131-137

Thomas Wortmann, Rudi Stouffs. Algorithmic Complexity of Shape Grammar Implementation. pp. 138-146

Hau Hing Chau, Alison McKay, Christopher F. Earl, Amar Kumar Behera, Alan de Pennington. Exploiting Lattice Structures in Shape Grammar Implementations, pp. 147-161

Rudi Stouffs. Implementation Issues of Parallel Shape Grammars. pp. 162-176

Mark E. Whiting, Jonathan Cagan, Philip LeDuc. Efficient Probabilistic Grammar Induction for Design. pp. 177-188

Luca Zimmermann, Tian Chen, Kristina Shea. A 3D Performance-Driven Generative Design Framework: Automating the Link from a 3D Spatial Grammar Interpreter to Structural Finite Element Analysis and Stochastic Optimization. pp. 189-199

Andrew I-kang Li. A Whole-Grammar Implementation of Shape Grammars for Designers. pp. 200-207

Thomas Grasl, Athanassios Economou. From Shapes to Topologies and Back: An Introduction to a General Parametric Shape Grammar Interpreter. pp. 208-224

José Beirão, José P. Duarte. Generic Grammars for Design Domains. pp. 225-239

Sara Garcia, António Menezes Leitão. Shape Grammars as Design Tools: An Implementation of a Multipurpose Chair Grammar. pp. 240-255